A Baby Quilt

We received a “call to arms” for baby quilts, from my Healing Hugs charity quilts group, so I got busy looking for a piece of fabric that would allow for a quick turn-around, and I found just the piece.

I started this quilt two days ago and I’m almost done machine-quilting it. I just have to keep reminding myself not to become too obsessed with the details, because the whole idea of the project is to “get ‘er done!” So I think I’ll put on the final touches today and leave the binding for my “while watching TV” time, since that must be done by hand.

The great thing about these types of projects is that they provide the opportunity for honing one’s skills, especially those that are in most need of improvement, which in my case happens to be machine quilting. I need A LOT OF HELP getting that aspect of the process to a level that I’m happy with. I’m not quite there yet, because it has always been something that I’ve avoided–out of fear–but in this case I couldn’t; the finished product must be turned in sooner rather than later.
So I hope whoever receives this quilt will receive the warmth and care with which it has been made and not notice its many flaws. 

2 thoughts on “A Baby Quilt

  1. Ha ha ha ha! As long as they have something to hang on to, or stay warm with, or whatever. Actually, this quilt will probably be going to a sick child… Because it's for my charity group ("Healing Hugs"); they usually send the quilts that we make to cancer patients.

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