A Little Bit of Organization, Please

I can’t seem to get my sewing space the way I like it. Ever since I moved my sewing room from a bedroom in the back of the house to the unused living room towards the front–a much larger and brighter space with a nice view of my front yard–I have moved furniture around at least three times! Before, when I was “making due” in the smaller bedroom, there was not too much room to move around, so the options were few; now that I have a larger space, it seems I can never get situated well enough to be comfortable.

Old setup – not good!

First re-design: moved cutting table to middle of the room for easy access all around
Second re-design

I have two sewing machines that I use regularly; one for just simple, straight-seam jobs, and the other one (an old Bernina-Bernette) for quilting and other more labor-intensive ones. This is the one that I take to retreats, sewing meets, etc., because it is a lot lighter to carry; the other one (an old New Home) is mostly metal, thus quite heavy.

So when I came back from last weekend’s retreat (mentioned in my earlier post), I decided to change the location of the Bernette to the larger table, which also holds the TV,

Larger sewing space for my quilting projects, etc.

and is more conveniently located next to the New Home; that way I can just swing around between both machines as need be.

Conveniently located for easy TV viewing and different sewing projects

It also affords me the ability to use the table where the Bernette originally sat, as a place to set my ironing pad, thus I can now easily move between my sewing project and the ironing table.

My ironing table near sewing area
…with the cutting table behind…

Yay! Have I finally achieved sewing space nirvana? Time will tell… Meanwhile I must get back to sewing again. Stay tuned.

One thought on “A Little Bit of Organization, Please

  1. that is CLEVER!!! hey…. remember when we organized it? what abouot that? hey, maybe you need to FENG SHUI size it and it will work forever!!!

    (oye recomiendo get rid of the capthcha pq es medio latero :D)

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