A Monster of a Quilt

Today I am going to write about a large quilt that I made for a woman who approached the quilt guild a year or so ago looking for someone to make a quilt out of old blocks that were sitting in an attic.

It’s amazing to think about how many of these random quilt blocks end up in people’s basements! Most likely the answer lies in that more quilting projects than hours of the day exist. And nobody exactly plans to exit mundi after a specific number of quilts is finished – generally the Other Side comes with no announcement and no way to plan out for the fate of poor old quilt blocks.

That’s were we, humble soldiers of the Asheville Quilt Guild, come in. For folks who find the precious remains of some long-ago industrious ancestor, we are here to provide quilting aid and a chance for old projects to be finished or resuscitated.

As with this one. I actually had to quilt it by hand, as much because the fabric was all antique and delicate, as because the thing itself was way too huge to fit in any machine. The lady had all these blocks, and some of them were joined though some of them were not, but it fell upon me to take the huge pile and make them into a quilt – which I did.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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