Asheville Quilt Guild Show

Whoever says that women are shallow, weak, or unfocused, hasn’t seen us in action when fully motivated by a common cause, or goal.

The Asheville Quilt Guild opens its 31st Annual Quilt Show this coming weekend (Sept. 27-29, 2013), and the Western NC Ag Center in Arden, NC was abuzz with activity today, as the final preparations get underway prior to the show opening on Friday.

This event mobilizes the entire guild, comprised of over 250 members throughout Western North Carolina, several months prior to its opening, with the formation of committees, assignments of tasks, fund-raising activities, publicity, reception of quilt entries, and myriad other activities.
Quilters from around the country submit their work for entry into different categories, with the potential to win anywhere from $50 to $1,000 in cash, plus merit ribbons and other types of recognition. This year the entries totaled 216 quilts, and they came from as far away as Colorado.
But as exquisite these quilts are, I am mostly impressed by the extraordinary energy that surrounds this event. Whoever has had to plan a wedding, a party, or any kind of event involving large groups of people surely can relate to the extraordinary amount of planning, organization, and attention to detail that go into these things.

Today, as I watched this enormous and empty exhibit hall come to life, I stood in awe of this seemingly unassuming group of women, grandmothers, mothers, homemakers mostly, getting it together in such a harmoniously orchestrated way.
Today begins the culmination of many months of hard work, work that will conclude on Sunday, as the last quilts come down from their racks, the last tables and chairs are folded and put away. Until next year. Until tomorrow, when planning for the 32nd show gets underway again.
For more information, please visit the Asheville Quilt Guild website:

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