Son’s Citizenship Quilt

Stars and Stripes Forever!

I made this quilt to commemorate my son finally becoming a US Citizen. His ceremony is on August 25th, 2017, and I will be fortunate to attend.

I wanted to obviously keep the theme of the American flag going, without being too literal in its execution, so I used a half-square-triangle block pattern to keep the red and white stripes idea, as well as the white starts on blue idea. I also quilted using crosshatching in the blue/white field to indicate the stars, and horizontal lines on the red/white section to echo the stripes idea. I used the fabric that I had around, so the bits of Dr. Seuss “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” that show through are merely coincidental. No hidden messages here.

In spite of troubling recent events in this country, I am very grateful that this country has provided shelter and opportunity for me and my children. When I married my wonderful American husband over 25 years ago, I had no plans to leave my home back in South America; my kids and I were happily living our lives over there. But somehow fate had other plans.

Being in the U.S. afforded me the possibility of getting a college education, which as a single mother in Chile was only a pipe dream; I also managed to get a Master’s Degree in a field that I truly care about: Historic Preservation. This is the gift that keeps on giving. It has helped me get involved in government work, and seeing first-hand how governance takes place; it has provided the opportunity to spend time in some very interesting and quaint little towns such as Madison GA, where I worked as a County employee right up to retirement, and it has prepared me to continue “life after retirement” in various volunteering and advocacy positions, such as volunteering at the local Swannanoa Valley History Museum, and being part of my town of Black Mountain, NC Historic Preservation Commission.

None of these things would have been possible had life not intervened and brought me to these shores, which is one of the reasons why I opted to become a citizen almost 20 years ago; my other very important reason was so that I could VOTE. Becoming a US Citizen is not an easy task, however, the more merit for someone to actually “take the plunge.” For all those who don’t know it, the expense is quite considerable, not to mention the fact that one has to be willing to give up one’s affiliation to one’s homeland; quite easy for some, but very painful for others.

My son has definitely carved out a good life for himself in this country, so it makes perfect sense for him to pursue citizenship. His wife and children are US Citizens, so it stood to reason that he would also go down this path.

It will certainly be emotional for me to witness this event. And as with all important things in a quilter’s life, what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a quilt? I can see no other.

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Seattle Seahawks Quilt

It’s been a while since my last post, for which I apologize.
I’ve been busy these past few months, traveling, sewing, recovering from knee surgery, and trying to decide what to do about my “quilting palace,” since I found out that I cannot keep it in its current location and it must be moved. This threw me for a loop, and for a while I was at a loss, having suddenly lost my sewing space, as well as my will to continue sewing. Luckily, that mindset didn’t last long. So presently, I’m back in the house in temporary sewing quarters.
Here is my latest project which I just finished:


It is a Seattle Seahawks quilt I made for my brother-in-law, who is a fan. During my last visit to my husband’s family in Tacoma, WA, he asked me several times if I would make him a Seahawks quilt. I blew him off every time. But I knew even then that I’d make him that quilt. So the next time my husband went to Seattle, I had him get me some themed fabric.

The quilt, I am happy to say, came out very sporty-looking. The color scheme helped, as did the pattern I chose. The logo itself is a very attractive, stylized form. It mirrors the aesthetic sensibility and style of the Snohomish tribes’ drawings of orca whales and other animals. This one evidently represents the sea hawk, a type of bird of prey found in that area of the world.

Well, the quilt has now been delivered, and received with much elation, emotion, gratitude, etc. It’s always very gratifying to see how much joy one can bring to someone by doing something that is so enjoyable to make!


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