Whiskers on a Quilt – block project

Today I am on the road on my way to visit my son and his family, so I am quickly posting project photos of a couple of block exchange projects for my Modern Quilt Guild – one is pretty straightforward, but for the other one I had a special request: to make the block look like the owner’s Maine coon cat. OK, only the kitty today – the next block maybe next week!

Obviously, I could not expect to create an exact lifelike replica of the cat, or any other, for that matter, but I could do the next thing and scour the interwebs for a cool kitty block design, and instructions. Here you see the paper cutouts used to create the block.

Here you see the instruction block I used, from Six White Horses Studio. More instructions and pics can be found on her blog here: http://six-white-horses.blogspot.com/2013/06/whiskers-free-baby-quilt-pattern.html

Anna, the lovely woman who runs that blog, was even kind enough to answer my specific question when I visited her blog and ran into some trouble interpreting it!

Here is a photo of the whiskers in process…

… and here is the final result!

And here is a gratuitous picture of one of my own kitties, one who hangs out in the quilting room.