Springtime and Butterfly Quilt

Springtime is most definitely upon us! It has truly been here for a while, but the general cacophony of birds, the lovely fragrance of flowers, and the generally pleasant, sunny days leave no doubt in everyone’s minds.

Likewise, all the chickens, including the newcomers who we collected a month or so ago, are in full growth mode. Aside from random sad events, the backyard brood of chickens is doing very well!

Likewise, all the insects, unfortunately, have decided that the time has come to emerge and pester everyone with their presence. Among these, of course, are the lovely butterflies which we see hovering from flower to flower in our garden. Here’s one calla lily in full bloom!

In any event, I wanted to wax lyrical on the springtime today by showing this very springlike quilt that I volunteered to put together for a woman who had noticed these butterfly squares that I’d had sitting in a bag for a while. She simply requested that I put them into a quilt strung together with sashing and cornerstones to united the composition, as it were. The quilt was then donated to the quilt guild’s charity program.

I think it’s a lovely quilt, and am glad that someone somewhere is getting good use for it.

A Couple of Quilts and a Thoughtful Moment

Just a couple of quick quilts for today!

This pretty quilt, made with strips pattern of fabric, was created with alternating squares to make the centre look like a basket weave. This quilt is a great example of how the fabric can create the pattern, look, and general character of a quilt.

this quilt was one of the Healing Hugs quilts that I make for charity purposes. These charming hobby horse squares really defined the essential quality of this quilt, and allowed me to have a nicely intricate quilt without adding too much more to it.

This quilt I remember was particularly well-received because it just so happened that one of the organizers knew exactly who would most appreciate this quilt: an ailing person who loved horses!

When we can do anything that can aid a fellow human being, especially through our own creativity, we feel expanded, somehow. It is very easy for me – too easy in fact – to feel despair and anger about the world and humanity at large, especially when I am daily bombarded with headlines that boast of the stupidity and hatefulness of the world, our so-called leaders, the diminishing environment, and the possible end of the world.

But at the end of the day, simply focusing our mind towards whatever small, manageable skill we have that can help, even if one person, the darkness recedes somehow. And cumulatively, darkness collectively will recede if we all choose to focus on what we can do, constructively, to bring light to the world.

I like to think so anyhow.

News Inspiration: Gift to a Teacher

Hi everybody!

For today, a quick note about something else that has inspired me, quilt-wise, today. I tend to receive news items about quilts from friends and family because they know of my interests, and today is no exception.

Amber Peterson Reviewing Quilt Gift

One piece is a feel-good article about students in San Antonio who made a surprise quilt for a beloved teacher who is fighting cancer. Though the prognosis does not look good, the quilt represents both what’s at stake and the desire to fight for life:

It’s an act of kindness she’ll carry with her, straight from the heart of two beloved students. 
 Students in Cristina Encina’s fashion class started the project but Mendoza and Teran took over because they both had Peterson as a teacher. 
 She discovered she had cancer after the birth of her son William, who was born in October, a year after Harry passed away. “At the time I was given six months and a ten percent chance at ten years,” Peterson explained.  “I have decided that’s not going to be me. I am going to raise the odds. I am not going to be one of the 90 percent. I am going to be one of the ten percent.”

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As a long-time member of a group that created quilts for the needy or sick, I can attest to both how healing and supporting the gift of a handmade quilt is, not just for the afflicted person, but for the quilt creator as well. What most can assail the loved one of a sick person is a sense of helplessness which is overcome with the industrious application of a lovely project which will provide warmth and beauty. I salute these girls for giving their beloved teacher such a wonderful gift.

My daughter’s husband’s family lives in San Antonio. They sent the clipping over.

Also: Peterson is a Marshall High School graduate and has been a teacher there for seven years.  A GoFundMe account has been set up to help her family with medical expenses, and you can donate by clicking here.  You can also follow her journey through her Facebook page.

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I am going ahead and posting one of my own Healing Hugs quilts while I’m at it:

This is another quilt I created for Healing Hugs. I find the lavender pastel hues soothing in their own right.
Hope everyone is having a great day!