A Couple of Quilts and a Thoughtful Moment

Just a couple of quick quilts for today!

This pretty quilt, made with strips pattern of fabric, was created with alternating squares to make the centre look like a basket weave. This quilt is a great example of how the fabric can create the pattern, look, and general character of a quilt.

this quilt was one of the Healing Hugs quilts that I make for charity purposes. These charming hobby horse squares really defined the essential quality of this quilt, and allowed me to have a nicely intricate quilt without adding too much more to it.

This quilt I remember was particularly well-received because it just so happened that one of the organizers knew exactly who would most appreciate this quilt: an ailing person who loved horses!

When we can do anything that can aid a fellow human being, especially through our own creativity, we feel expanded, somehow. It is very easy for me – too easy in fact – to feel despair and anger about the world and humanity at large, especially when I am daily bombarded with headlines that boast of the stupidity and hatefulness of the world, our so-called leaders, the diminishing environment, and the possible end of the world.

But at the end of the day, simply focusing our mind towards whatever small, manageable skill we have that can help, even if one person, the darkness recedes somehow. And cumulatively, darkness collectively will recede if we all choose to focus on what we can do, constructively, to bring light to the world.

I like to think so anyhow.

Amazingly Eclectic Quilt for Community Quilts

Hope everyone has had a stellar New Year’s! I spent it with family and watching the Twilight Zone marathon – a long standing tradition since 1998. One day I may decide to make a Twilight Zone-themed quilt.

sampler quilt for charity – finished 2013

Speaking of Twilight Zone, I am still in the mode of showing off the quilts I have made for the community quilt giving enterprise in Asheville, and other charity and gifting opportunities. This one is particularly wacky, and one of my daughter’s favorite quilts.

I will admit it came out incredibly eclectic looking, partly because a bunch of odd blocks from asheville quilt guild that happened to have nothing to do with each other appeared in time to become part of the quilt.

This is what people in the know call a ‘sampler quilt’,  which allows for a certain amount of ambiguity and randomness. The only organizing criteria was to separate each block, and group them by size. The white sashing helps to cement the correct size placement.

I would love to know who ends up with these quilts – but I like to think that someone down the line will find these blog posts on the internet and write me, saying “my family got your quilt! it really made our day” or “we were having a lousy day when your quilt showed up, and its cleverness really helps us through some bad times.”

my trusty antique Singer machine that still sings

I know once my son in law once found a quilt, all folded up, lying abandoned on Lexington Ave. It was actually a very nice, old quilt, with a double wedding ring pattern. Feeling sorry for it, they took it home, and have it to this day. They really lucked out because I am pretty sure it was an antique – they do wonder, though, if the true owner will ever post a notice online or otherwise make themselves known.

Even though that was not an intentional quilt giving, it just goes to show how appreciated quilts can be when passed on.

Hope everyone had a great first week of 2015!