Wow Bernina!

I’ve recently acquired an “antique” Bernina. It is a model 830, built in Switzerland, so it’s the “real thing!” It is sturdily built, and it has a metal casing. It is a beaut.

The old 830

A friend had it and never used it, didn’t even know if it worked, but it was supposed to have a problem with skipped stitches (never verified). I recently gave it a test drive and found no problems or issues with it. It sewed like butter!

I’m very glad I got it, not because I need a new sewing machine–I don’t!–but because I wanted to own a truly quality machine, one that would be the workhorse that it’s been built to be, one that could be my backup if my spiffier 530 model (seen here)

The spiffy 530

which I love, ever goes down, or is out for maintenance, or just plain doesn’t work. Computerized machines are a lot more susceptible to glitches and problems, they are much more delicate and “prissy.” True, my computerized friend has a ton of bells & whistles, it sews like a dream, has umpteen different stitches–which I hardly ever use–many different settings, etc. etc. I do love it. But I think the old “Bernie” will work just fine as well, and I can’t wait to set it up in my studio and start sewing in it regularly.

Now all I need are a few accessories for, so I’m on the hunt for a slide table and a few feet, also some bobbins.

Welcome back!

After a yearlong hiatus, I’m back in the world of the online living. Truth be told, it’s been a busy year, I’ve been making lots of quilts, traveling, and basically occupying my time in other pursuits, which left me little time to spend in front of a computer screen.

My following is not very large anyway, so I figured I wouldn’t be missed.

I will strive to post at least once a week. These will be short, photo-heavy posts, mainly, illustrating my latest and/or ongoing projects. There may even be a picture or two of my cats. In fact, I will probably do an entire story about my 3 feline “roommates” one of these days (soon).

So here are some photos of recent projects I’ve been working on.

The photos above illustrate some of the projects I’ve been working on since the beginning of this year. Also is a photo of me with one of my favorite designers, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, taken while attending one of her workshops in February of this year.

Charity Quilts

Here are two quilts that I’ve made to give to the charity that every year makes about 30 children very happy by donating them quilts during the holidays. These are mostly 2nd graders that attend a special school in Asheville for children under special circumstances.
This proves once again that the “art” of quilting is an artform that is shared merrily and boldly with no other incentive than to bring some joy to the recipient(s). For a quilter to see the happy face of the recipient of one of her quilts, that is the best payment.


Quilt #1


Quilt #2

This is why we make quilts. Sure, some make quilts to earn a living, some make quilts to compete in shows, some make quilts for display in art galleries. Others still make quilts for the original purpose for which they were created: to keep warm in the winter, and yet others make quilts to give away, whether for gifts or for charity. Myself, I make quilts because I love the process, and also for the satisfaction of seeing someone really happy to receive one. True, I have made some quilts that others have commissioned and therefore for remuneration, but those are generally the ones I cannot say too much about, other than each commission that I have undertaken has been a learning experience for me, and thus very rewarding, regardless of the difficulty.

So, keep ’em comin’!

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