How I began quilting

Many of the fine quilters I have worked with have been plying their craft for at least 3 decades, or actually had the skill passed down from generation to generation. My story is different. Possibly because there‚Äôs no such thing as quilting where I grew up, I did not really encounter the phenomenom until fate decreed I move to the U.S. when I met my husband Kurt. That’s when I first witnessed this amazing craft that was centuries old.

I had for my entire life, pretty much, been seeking some artistic output that I felt both competent in and inspired by. I have tried dancing, painting, ikebana, different sorts of cuisine, and even music as a younger person, but nothing stuck.

But in 1998 my sister took me kicking and screaming to a one-day class at a quilt shop in Beaufort, GA. I didn’t want to go, because I was reluctant to try anything sewing related, since I’d had such a hard time of it in high school. I had always admired the art of quilting though, but I considered it a very mysterious thing that only gifted people could do; certainly not me!
But going to that class changed my life! The day I spent there playing with fabric, cutting strips, sewing them together and actually turning out a decent project was the kick in the pants that sent me on this trajectory from which I’ve never looked back. 
What’s your quilting story?