Cindy’s Quilt Top

I have been very haphazard about posting lately, unfortunately. Between quilt guild committments and random travel plans, I have lost the orderly habit of posting at times I wished to when I first set up a quilt blogging committment.

So I find myself talking about a quilt my dance teacher Cindy commissioned me to finish a good two weeks after I had stamped, sealed, and delivered it!

This project was fairly easy. I received a finished quilt top which she had wanted made into a finished quilt for ages but had not known who to go to for quilting assistance (until I showed up for her line dancing class). Cindy’s mother in law had finished this quilt top ages ago, but for reasons that I do not know she had not succeeded in finishing the entire quilt.

When she first gave it to me, it had been sitting in her closet for a number of years. At first she’d wanted it done for no particular purpose, but it so happens that one of her nieces had recently become pregnant, which made Cindy decide that a true-blue grandma-made quilt would be a great gift.

I decided that some blocks had to be fixed and some had to be resown, but besides that, it was all finished. Basically all I had to do was fix these and put on the batting, backing, et voila.

The material the quilt top was made of discouraged any actual quilting, which is why I opted to tie it instead. After all, when the fabric is stretchy, or thick, quilting becomes quite a challenge. Also, the seams of the pieced blocks were wider than normal, which added unnecessary bulk. But the ties looked nice, and Cindy was thrilled with it.

here are the ties that hold the quilt together in lieu of quilting

The only challenge tying presented was in preventing puckers and unevenness. I was having a huge problem with this issue until my neighbor saved my life by lending me her quilt frame! I was super thrilled to use this tool, since it made the quilting surface super easy to work with, and prevented said naughty puckers.

useful frame that turns into a table

So, once again, an old abandoned castoff becomes, with just a little TLC, a lovely gift for a new addition to the world. And thus, “the quilt whisperer” strikes again!

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