Conquering Mitered Corners

Since I’ve never been one to take “the high road” in quilting, I’ve always tried to avoid those things that I consider to be too difficult to deal with, particularly when there are easier alternatives to achieve similar results. Such is the case of mitered corners. Most of my quilts have borders that are squared off at the corners. Mitered corners have always scared me, so I’ve avoided them like the plague (well, almost).
Once I was faced with a project that required mitered corners, so I found myself struggling to master this techniIMG_20120623_092440cally challenging skill. The project in question was a set of dish towels made of flour sack material to which I was attaching quilt blocks from my leftover pile. I read articles, how-to’s, watched YouTube videos, watched the pros demonstrating it, but I couldn’t quite wrap my arms around this technique. So after a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out an alternative way of doing it. I can’t say I was 100% pleased with the results, but at least I finished the project.
Later in my quilting life, I’ve had many opportunities to tackle this and other challenging techniques; some of them will probably be “one of’s,” meaning I’ll probably never attempt them again, but nothing is ever a waste of time. There is always something to be learned. And learn I have!
Mitered corners – conquered!
I have finally conquered mitered corners, and I am happy to say that they are not a threat anymore.

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