Double Wedding Ring Quilt – a re-do


I recently delivered a quilt that I finished for a woman who had found a bunch of unfinished blocks in her mother-in-lawe passed away. She wanted the quilt finished in her memory, but she lacked the skills to do it herself. All she wanted was to ‘git ‘er done’ – and so she found me!
I basically had to pick it apart & start it over again, because the blocks were incomplete. I had to add fabric, and the stitching was corrupted due to age.

Had to undo the blocks, add fabric, and piece them together again.
The most important thing for me was that it was a learning experience because I had not had a lot of experience piecing curves. I was intimidated by the curved piecing methodology, and also by the scalloped edges. These are time honored techniques but they require much more from a quilter than geometric, straight lines.
I had always wanted to learn how to piece curved pieces, and here was my chance!

My new quilting buddy! Jade
This is not the first project that I have finished for people. For some reason, people keep giving me their unfinished projects to finish, so I’ve gotten quite good at improvising upon unfinished projects. Each project I do helps me gauge what I should set as my price for these things, because some of them – like this project – end up being way more involved and complex than I at first anticipated. In the future, were I to have another project such as this one, I would definitely charge more, but in this instance the learning experience for me made my final hourly low rate worthwhile.

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