Etsy Store Inauguration!

Today I wanted to announce the inauguration of my Etsy quilting store. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but have only recently managed to achieve it!   I am pleased with myself.

So far I only have two, which I’ve shown on this blog before, though I don’t recall if I have shown finished pictures. Here they are, in any event:

This is a 15×15 wall hanging quilt, machine pieced and quilted. It could make a nice gift for somebody, or an adornment for any room in the house.  I am asking $50 for it and here is the link:

This wall hanging is 36×36 inches in size, appropriate as a wall hanging. It was machine pieced and quilted using the selvages leftover from fabrics used in other projects. It is quite unique in design and execution. I am asking $220 for it, and here is the link:
I hope to have more of my quilts in the store before long, and I might find other quilt-related things to sell at some point as well.
One goal of mine is to design an actual pattern so that other quilters may benefit. I have great admiration for people who can just come up with a design, and I would like to emulate that. Possibly one day I can offer that on Etsy? I would love that!
Hope all are having a great day!

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