Full Time Quilting – Job

Cataract surgery again today. Blessedly, I only own two eyes, so this will be the last of it, and also thankfully, this will be the last time I will be needing glasses in my life! So, very happy about that.

Aside from the project I was discussing last week – which I am only now beginning to see the end of – I have many many projects in the back burner, a lot of which I need to get out there ASAP. It has become very difficult for me to keep up with all my projects, including those I have received compensation for, in the current desultory schedule I have taken upon myself. 

See, after I retired after a lifetime of giving away my life to a company for wages, I encountered two contrasting but powerful emotions: one was unparalleled relief that my time was mine, alongside joyful celebration of liberty; the other was a puzzling confusion as to what I was going to do for the rest of my life, and an uneasy feeling regarding all this ‘unstructured free time’

Free time of course is a fallacy because the day will always fill up with myriad disagreeable tasks and obligations, and then possibly some amusing ones, without one even trying. And of course my own quilting enterprise started out as a mere hobby, but now has managed to snowball to something taht once again is requiring all my time and attention! I am behind on orders, things seem to be taking more time, even my involvement with the Quilt Guild has become labourious.

SO I have decided to accept that this is my new job – like the seamstresses of old, whether they were subsisting or working for some woeful little factory somewhere (and still do so that we Americans can have cheap Walmart clothing), there are folks out there who must do this eight hours or more a day. Truly, they work far harder, but for me I am satisfied in calling this now my job, and having to do it for 8 hours a day.

This means sitting down to sew, from 8 to 6, with breaks in between. No more leisurely, ‘when I feel like it’ or ‘when the Muse strikes me’. No more letting garrulous sisters or visiting neighbours or the errant errant take my quilting time away from me.

The quilt world needs me, and I will surrender myself to it.

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