Getting my Act Together

After floundering about for months, I’m finally getting my act together with respect to my online selling activity. I’ve finally posted a bunch of vintage clothing patterns for sale on Etsy (, as well as one of my quilts, the Sunbonnet Sue (see it here).

I’ve discovered that selling online is hard work! Not only do you have to take many photos, come up with great descriptions, take the time to post the items, locate a space to house the items awaiting sale. And then there is the shipping aspect, which in itself can also be challenging. There is the packing–finding the right packing materials, the correct size boxes–and then schlepping the stuff to the post office which, in some cases can be a challenge in itself.

Then there is the marketing aspect. With all the competition out there, one has to really be on the ball promoting and coming up with clever and original ways to showcase one’s items. This requires a whole lot of energy as well as time. Also, it is at this point when one is faced with The Big Decision: to use the available time on marketing strategy, or to actually produce the things to be sold. Sometimes one cannot do both.

And then there is the wait… Waiting and hoping that somebody will buy the stuff.  If somebody does buy something, then the effort is worth it. Although to be honest, my goal is not to make a living at this point, nor even to supplement my income. Right now online selling is a hobby for me. But where most hobbies cost money, this one may do the opposite. That is the hope!

Happy browsing!

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