Grey Quilt Rising from the Ashes of Terrible Craftmanship

Hi all! Hope you all have had a good December. The weather here has been variable, and I am happy to note that my health finally turned a corner. 
I am sharing today another Healing Hugs quilt, this one with an interesting story. 
This one was essentially a bunch of blocks that we received in our quest to make charity quilts. Honestly, both the execution and the fabric itself left much to be desired. In the words of one of our more outspoken members, “these blocks look like they were put together with staples and nails, practically.” Most likely these sad blocks were the consequence of a momentarily ambitious and enthusiastic novice who quickly lost steam, then left the squares in an attic for a good long while 0 and someone cleaning house opted to bring them to us instead of the dump. Or possibly they took them to Goodwill who looked at them as if they were mad, before turning to us. I understand the difficulty, though. Though some folks would have no problem tossing these, burning them in a bonfire or using them as rags, most people have difficulty dishonouring the embodied labour of love that a collection like this represents. This stack of questionable blocks was like a foot high, since there were at least 50 blocks, which meant that somebody spent a good many hours producing them, so even though everyone in the guild wanted to throw them out, doing so seemed incredibly problematic and wasteful. 
In spite of a sense of moral obligation to ‘waste not want not’, as well as to honour the giving spirit of whoever decided to donate them, nobody in their right mind wanted to go through the trouble of making them work. But I’m not in my right mind, and I hate to see fabric go to waste. So I picked them up, I took them apart as much as I could, and I made this quilt.
My quilt members could absolutely not believe it – it was their favourite quilt in the end. It ended up being a good investment because what came out was least a full size bed quilt. The cost of the fabric
I kept a memento of it because, with leftover blocks, I made a pillow! 

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