Health Scare and Finished Quilt Studio

I wanted to show pictures of my lovely Quilt Palace!!!!

Finally, after months of plotting, purchasing, cleaning, fixing, my wonderful palace became reality.

A few weeks ago I finally began moving in my sewing machines, cutting tables, everything that I had been using all along. I finally had a living room back! And of course there’s something to be said for having a special place to go off to, so as to focus on the task at hand. Going off to a special corner of the world where only your quilting exists, and nothing more, really helps cut down on the time wasting putter that one is often subject to when seeking to make art.

My newfound enjoyment was soon marred, however, by a worrisome development: after a routine checkup, my husband found out his heart was depleted of oxygen and new blood, thanks to a villainous blockage in his left anterior artery (a.k.a., “the widow maker”). There were no symptoms other than a bit of ‘heartburn’, and if he had not had the checkup scheduled when he did, he may have suffered an actual heart attack, extended damage, and who knows what else, since he had a 99% blockage.

He had a stent put in, and is now on his way to recovery, thank God!


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4 thoughts on “Health Scare and Finished Quilt Studio

  1. wow!! thats a story… glad to read about you,,and you are both blessed with each other. there are miricles every day …love the trailer i am looking for silver small airstream to….enjoy every day wake up with a smile and go to sleep with a smile.

    • Thank you! It’s my sanctuary. I retreat to it every chance I get. I found it in the local classifieds, and we stripped it down to its bare bones and repurposed it to its current state. Those Airstreams are hard to find and pricey, but ever so nice!

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