I don’t know what to eat!

This is a complete departure from my usual blogs about quilting and sewing. But what has prompted this post is utter frustration about what to eat! There is so much expert “advise” out there about what is healthy, what is not; what will make one live a long, happy existence, or kill us in short order; what is sheer poison, or and what is good for the body, and even for the mind. It is totally baffling, not to mention confusing.

For a while I’ve been following the “Paleo Diet,” because even though is is somewhat restrictive–forbids grains, legumes, sugar, and dairy–the science behind it made sense to me. It also promotes eating healthy meats, fats and all plants. You can read about it here.

However, there are many valid arguments for vegetarianism, for shunning beef and meats of all kinds; or veganism, which of course rejects ALL animal products. Their arguments against eating meat are both science-based as well as conscience-based. The latter is much harder to argue against, since it makes a valid point about the mis-treatment of animals, as well as the negative effects on the environment caused by the raising of animals for slaughter.

I recently read several articles about the dangers of consuming “phitates,” compounds found in many foods, including all nuts–a staple, by the way, of the Paleo diet–as well as grains, seeds, nut butters and legumes.

There are two points upon which all studies and food gurus agree: (1) the need to stay away from processed foods, also known as “dead foods,” or “frankenfoods” and (2) fruits and vegetables are good and should be eaten in abundance. Everything else seems to be an utter contradiction, depending on which strain of thinking one follows.

So you see, there appears to be no clear guidance, no consensus about what is the REAL diet us humans should follow. Fat is good, fat is evil; carbs are OK, carbs are bad; meat (unprocessed, raised humanly) is healthy, meat of all kinds is unhealthy; grains are good sources of fiber, hence good; grains contain the much maligned “phitates,” that impair the body’s absorption of certain minerals, but have also been found to be anti-inflammatory, protect against cancer, cardiovascular disease, and lower glycemic load in certain foods. So, phitates=good, phitates=bad. Hence, nuts and grains=good, nuts and grains=bad. And so it goes.

There is something to be said about eating a balanced diet, with small amounts of “poison”–whichever side of the fence one may be on. So I think that from now on I will dismiss everything I’ve heard pro or against any type of foods–except, of course for the obvious injunctions against processed foods and refined sugars, as well as inhumanely raised animal meats. From now on I will just follow my common sense and my instinct. I cannot make myself crazy thinking about what one should and shouldn’t eat. I just hope my body knows enough to help me figure out what to eat to stay healthy and live a “long and happy life.”

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  1. i feel responsible for sharing the plant based Dr Greger stuff with you 🙁 just remember no matter what we eat we’re gonna die anyway, lol muac muac!

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