My Latest Project (and a shout out)

Shoo Fly, designed by Phyllis Hoffman & Beth Hayes

Isn’t it wonderful that there is this craft (quilting) in the world, which allows us so many wonderful opportunities to express our love and care for others?

My newest project has to do with my son Arturo and his wife Jennifer’s endeavors to adopt special needs children from Eastern Europe ( If you visit their website (link above), you’ll see that they are adopting a 12-year-old girl (Shawna) and–hopefully–a 6 of 7-year-old boy (Seth?). So I’ve decided to make quilts for them, to welcome them to their new home.

I’ve started to work on Shawna’s quilt using the pattern on the picture on the left, using orange as the main color, since her room is decorated in oranges and navy blues (navy blue being the unifying color between Shawna’s and Seth’s rooms). I didn’t incorporate navy blue in this one, however, since I couldn’t find a fabric that had both colors in a harmonious way without being too “grown up” or in some cases too dreary. I wanted something cheerful, so I nixed the navy blue and chose yellow and white as contrasting colors instead.

I’m hoping to finish this quilt soon though, since I have to get started on Seth’s next. His will be the subject of another posting. Suffice to say that I’ve run with the blues in his case, and there is a bit of whimsy to the fabrics I chose.Meanwhile, here is a preview of what the blocks for Shawna’s quilt will look like.

I’m very excited to be doing something like this, with a specific purpose in mind, and not “just because,” as is the case sometimes. But this also means that I have to hustle and work quickly, because there are deadlines to meet!And for the shout-out: I invite you to say a special prayer that the adoption process goes smoothly and the children can come home soon. Special prayer days are the 3rd and 17th of every month (but you can pray anytime you wish!).

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