My Quilt Palace Progress: New Floor!

Am still very excited about my new Quilting Palace, which I’ve blogged about here and here.

The process has involved turning an old, beat-up 70s camper into the sort of place where anybody would be proud to sew and piece and quilt.

It has involved A LOT of work!! And I have to thank my husband for most of it. He has put his heart and soul on this project, and I cannot thank him enough.

The exciting current step has involved putting on flooring:

I had lots of trouble finding the right sort of flooring. In spite of a committment to be as low-maintenance and low-budget as possible, I still got caught up in the intricacies and details of what sort of flooring would be most appropriate for my tastes and need.

I fell in love with one specific shade of light wood paneling, but after calling 3 different Lowes-type establishment, they were all sold out! As I said: low maintenance, low budget, so I went looking for a replacement.

At first I found some vinyl product that promised to be easy to put on, so I bought 4 boxes of it. It came in a very agreeable ash color, which was close to the shade of wood flooring I had originally wanted, and actually cheaper than the wood, so I figured it would be a great replacement. Unfortunately, my husband did not agree that the vinyl was a good choice for such a small and already unstable surface such as is the camper. He realized that the wood paneling would add much needed stability, so we went with that. In the end we used fewer boxes, and so it ended up being cheaper anyway!

Next up: the walls.

I have found some spectacular (and yes, very inexpensive) wood paneling at a local building supply shop! Will be very excited to share details on how that’s unfolding in the near future. As well we are adding a window, installing the ceiling and, of course, electricity.

Hope to have a lively finished place by the next time I write!

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