My trip to Blairsville

As promised, here are some photos of the Quilt Show in Blairsville, which I attended this past weekend. There were many wonderful quilts to look at, and a very good selection of vendors. I got a lot of good ideas to implement in some of the quilts I’m planning to make as soon as my time here at my full-time job is done (Oct. 31st). After that, I’ll be “sewing & singing,” as we would say in Chile (“coser & cantar”). 🙂

Here are a couple of panoramic views of the show floor
Some of the vendors
Cute appliqued chickens
Loved the colors and the fabrics on this one
I liked the way of incorporating crocheted doilies into the quilt
More chickens!
Loved this crazy quilt!
I’m definitely taking this idea to use some of my vintage hankies
I just loved the colors on this one
This one was my favorite! It was called “Falling Nines,” and these are pieced, not appliqued!
This one was for sale, not part of the exhibit, but it was a vintage one a lady was selling as part of her “cleaning up the attic” exercise — I bought a few pieces of very antique fabrics from her.
Another vintage quilt for sale
These are pin cushions made with china teacups. Lovely!
I bought some great rulers to make the making of intricate blocks much easier, and also to make good use of those scraps that I’m always saving.
Since I bought templates for hexagons, I’ve started working on a Grandma’s Garden quilt, because I needed a hand-made project to work on when I’m away from my sewing machine, like when I’m traveling someplace.
So I will say that my visit to Blairsville was indeed fruitful and fun. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday!

2 thoughts on “My trip to Blairsville

  1. My friend Anne left this comment on my email: "It all looks fabulous! We went to a show in Indiana this summer and I have been overwhelmed since. None of our pictures turned out, but they live in my brain. I'm really liking the Falling Nines that you saw. There's always a way to take an old favorite!"
    Thought I'd include it here just to keep matters organized.

  2. Another e-mail comment, this time from my friend Gwen: "Glad you sent pictures. I wanted to go, but I was at the "Runaway Quilt Retreat" for the weekend @ the Charlie Elliott Wild Life Center with Melisa (Sweet Home Quilt Co.). We also had a great time and we got some ideas from some of the other quilters. Thanks again for the pictures and looking forward to our group "Sew Ins" every month. See You Soon."

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