New Adventures in Sewing

I recently spent a week with my daughter Alicia, which was great fun. We saw some interesting and quaint locales,

Vintage signage on Main Street Burnsville

… participated in a crafts sale in Asheville,

Alicia at her booth
Marshall Arts booth

… cleaned out a garage to set up a stained-glass studio,

Cleaning out garage

… went hiking and swimming in the river,

French Broad River rapids
Alicia taking the waters

… and also learned how to sew a dress following a pattern!

Alicia’s little sewing corner

This was monumental, as I’ve always been afraid of any type of sewing that is not “just straight sewing,” as in quilts. I was never really interested in sewing anything that wasn’t a quilt, so when Alicia asked my help in making a skirt, and also to replicate a much beloved dress that had been worn to the max, there was no alternative but to jump right in.

So off we went to the local fabric shop–a nice little quilt shop in Marshall, NC–to look for fabric and some easy dress patterns.

Our first project

But as the saying goes, “the best plans of mice and men… etc.,” because we were right in the middle of our sewing project when the sewing machine decided to die on us. This happened right at the end of my stay, so I had no alternative but to take everything away and bring it home so I could see if the projects could be brought to a happy ending.

And wouldn’t you know it… A happy ending it was! I was able to cut out a pattern–from scratch!–from the old dress, sew it and finish it, finish a skirt that we had started back in NC, and not only that but, emboldened by my previous success, I decided to do something with the leftover fabric I ended up with, went out and bought the easiest pattern I could find that required no more than 1 1/2 yds of fabric–pajamas–and away I went.

Dress made from scratch pattern
“Backgammon” skirt

The main thing is that I finally lost my fear of sewing. I also learned that it’s not that hard to follow directions on a pattern and most of all, I found that sewing clothes can be fun! I have Alicia to thank for this epiphany. Thanks Alicia!

The Quilt Connection

A neat surprise was to happen upon the little town of Burnsville, NC, where one can feel a strong quilting vibe as expressed by the quilt blocks that have been painted on the side of all public buildings. It was great fun to look for and locate all these blocks all over town. What a great idea to bring beauty and folk art in such a simple, yet graphic way to the public eye.

Alicia taking a break
Great 50’s neighborhood theater 

I think I’ll be vising this town again!

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  1. so it was for your personal betterment that the thing happened 😀 😀 what they say, everything happens for a reason, and here it is! You are now a dressmaker 😀 😀 maybe you could make all your own clothes now! it was great fun having you here and you should come back !! go back to the town

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