New and Cute Mobile Quilt Shop!!!!

In the wee, hidden town of Spindale, NC, inside Rutherford County, my mobile quilt castle awaited.

Long had I searched to manifest this wonderful thing into my life – my very own cocoon of quilty goodness, my mobile palace of sewing, cutting, matting, what have you – and long had it eluded me.

I had almost given up the search when I came across the following ad on Iwanna, the local buy-and-sell rag:

“1972 Adco Trailer; $1,600 FIRM, CALL TO INQUIRE”
So off we went to the charming hamlet of Spindale to check out the goods.

The goods were quite good! Tires needed a bit of sprucing up, the outside needed a bit of cleaning, but aside from that, it was in great shape.

Now we have brought it home, where it awaits its new permanent home, somewhere near the bottom of the yard.

I am so excited!! It will take me a while to get it ready, but once I do, my very own quilt dominion will serve me so well.

It will give me back my living room, my guest room, and allow me to keep everything in one place.

Currently, my quilting empire stretches from the guest bedroom, where all the fabric is kept, to the living room, where i actually have the cutting boards and sewing machine installed.

It will take a while to set it up, but once we do, we will go on many fun rides together, my quilt blocks, patterns, and I.





Figuratively, of course.

One more thing….

Exciting doodling pages project!

My genius daughter, who sometimes helps me with this blog, has just launched an exciting art venture with her internet marketing whiz friend.

She has been, since last October, creating these marvelous colouring pages, and now they are ready to show these beauties to the world, via this page.

You can also follow them on facebook here, in fact, if you’re reading this blog, how about sending them some facebook love? The page is still quite new

some examples are:


from Blogger

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