Notes from the Retreat

Last weekend I had the fortune to attend a quilting retreat at Charlie Elliott Conference Center in Mansfield, GA. It was a wonderful thing to be able to just sit and sew all day long for three straight days! There were ten quilters and four scrapbookers. Great camaraderie, creativity, and productivity. Fun activities included a mini-auction, a basket exchange, and door prizes.

I managed to finish the crib quilt I posted about earlier, 
and also pieced two additional tops:
It is wonderful to see other people’s creativity, and to take inspiration from them:


I couldn’t resist taking this picture of Candace’s work in progress which, to me, represents the essence of the creative process: 
Candace is an accomplished artist, designer and quilter. Here is one of her masterpieces:
And since pictures speak louder than words:

Beverly at work on her featherweight machine (I want one!)
JoBeth’s project
Beautiful work!
Busy bees

So that was my quilt-filled week-end. I feel energized to continue sewing, creating and learning. Until next time!

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