Papyrus instructions and random drawing of us

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Yay! I actually remembered it was Friday today!

I wanted to stick in instruction to papyrus art-making from a friend who made this awesome stuff:

Pet Serrano ‘BEloved Meows’

“A light box with a very dark contrast sketch works best if your papyrus is light to medium.

  1. Tape the corners with drafting tape, then tape a precut mat over it.
  2. If you must, use a No. 2 pencil, lightly.
  3. Rub over invisible tape to erase pencil marks, don’t use an eraser.
  4. Pampers Sensitive Baby wipes if you need to blot something or to recondition very brittle strips without getting them moldy.
  5. Use all the paints straight from the tube with a dry brush.
  6. Prime each figure with a heavy body unbleached titanium acrylic to smooth things out.
  7. AFTER
    this if you really want to look authentic, reprime reds with Vermillion
    or Red Ochre, gods’ hair with cobalt turquiose, golds with Vermillion
    or whatever the modern equivalent of Realgar is (this lights up the gold
    from behind). Generally, women were painted in unbleached titanium
    white or yellow ochre and men and children in red ochre to show that
    women had the privilege of staying in the shade, regardless of skin
    color. EXCEPT groups alternate color regardless of gender and painting
    styles changed depending on pigment availability, so you can make a case
    for realistic skin and no one could argue with you.
  8. Prismacolor brush pens work best for writing, Microns for details.”
I found this awesome bc every now and again I see papyrus at the art store but then don’t know what to do with it, so now I do!
Also wanted to share this portrait I made of me and my husband for the sake of my father in law on his birthday. It was coloured pencils, gouache, and stuff. I liked the fanciful border:
Also, a random commission opportunity came up! Hope something good happens with that.
Have a great weekend!

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