Picture Gallery of Commissions so Far

I am happy to say that after many weeks (that seemed like months) I finally finished the large purple quilt I was commissioned! It took a long time, but I finally finished it, shipped it out, and now can move on to other things.

To celebrate, I am briefly posting some pictures of some of the commissions I have undertaken over the years. I will no doubt post about these more at length later, but so far, this is just a small display.

In the future, I will have occasion to talk about a new, recent, and very exciting commission!

commission to South America of Giant Quilt

Pillow cover commission

double wedding quilt fixer-upper

flowery quilt commission

another double wedding quilt

Carolina Lily block

fun zig zag quilt

made for a wife’s anniversary gift in Hot Springs – a funny story about this one!

Christmas ornaments for a shop in Hot Springs

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