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Now and again, especially when I’m mid-project and have said all I wanted to say about what I’m working on, I like to look at the Google news tab and see what’s new in the world of quilting.

This fun one came through first place:

“93 Year Old Woman Embroiders Winning Quilt”, from WNEP in Pennsylvania.

from WNEP.com

Now, this is pretty impressive. Though 93 doesn’t seem as inconceivably distant an age to get to as it did once upon a time, it is still a feat of great willpower and quilting love to not only create a quilt at that age, but to win a blue ribbon for it! Clearly decades of knowledge and dedication helped her finish this feat. I guess I would like to win first prize for quilting when I am 93 years of age!

“Graduation T-shirt quilt top” from Chicago Now blog

Kathy Mathews, Chicago Now

Here’s a talented lady who discusses a quilting process I am very familiar with, having successfully completed this same project for some old favorite T-shirts that my husband had collected for years. In any event, a good post to read if you are interested in making your own T Shirt quilt one day: I know I am just giving the highlights here. I actually have a four post series on how to make a t-shirt quilt with really complete instructions. It is truly a step by step tutorial that you can access by clicking here, which will bring you to the fourth post.”

“Bicentennial barn quilt placed at City Hallfrom Greensburg Daily News

Pat Smith Daily News

it’s posts like this that remind me of the integral role of quilts in the life of a community: The Barn Quilt Trail was the first legacy project chosen for Decatur County. A brochure detailing in-county quilts on display will be available in the next week. To date, there have been 33 quilt blocks sold and others are currently being planned and made by the committee.”

“Search to find quilt accidentally sold at the Salvos store in Chelsea Heights” from the Leader in Melbourne

Here is a news item representing an ‘oops’ moment which, thankfully, had a happy ending, when the missing $700-quilt was found after the mistaken drop-off. I think the moral of this story is, if you organize a charity auction that is seeking to sell a pricey quilt, do not mistakenly donate that quilt to the Goodwill: ““I searched the house for hours looking for it and when I couldn’t find it, I remembered that four weeks ago I took a carload of my mother in law’s things to the Salvos in Chelsea Heights,” Ms Kenter said.
“Kind staff from the op shop had come out to help me unload the car that day.
“I immediately called them and asked if they remembered taking a quilt covered in hearts from the car and they said ‘yes but it has been sold’.”

All I can say is, ” yikes!”

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