Quilt Themed Parties & Ideas!

Wow, I haven’t posted in such a long time! I’ve had a busy time with various projects. But thanks to all the lovely people who ask me to update now and again, I feel I must post another update.

To start off, I wanted to talk about quilt-themed parties, because I was looking on Pinterest at some fun quilt-themed party images.

For instance, in thinking about celebrating birthdays of quilters, I thought it would be interesting to see what sorts of quilt-themed foods and party favours existed out there: http://ift.tt/1ZCsqNU

Here are some cute, most likely fondant-based mini cupcakes:

from Kara’s Party Ideas

Here, from the same site, some cute party favors:

What’s always fun, of course, is to see what crazy food-themed food is out there, and Pinterest does not dissappoint.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a darling quilt cake. As can be seen, it very successfully uses the churn dash pattern:

from bake bake bake livejournal

Here is an actual pizza! A quilt pizza!

from Catherine McCord

Here are some lovely quilt block cookies:

from Amazing Cakes

The last thing I will share are these awesome sugar cookies, designed so that each one, when placed next to the others, forms a pinwheel quilt:

from Flickr

Maybe next time we have a particularly ambitious quilt guild party, we could adopt some of these ideas! It is generally fun, though, to see the ways that quilt patterns can exist in food.

from Blogger http://ift.tt/1ZCtukG

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