Quilting Marathon

I have been super busy lately, not just with the insane children’s project or the not-yet-begun ties project, but with a personal project from which I will derive no further remuneration than an intense sense of personal satisfaction – which still has to count for something, I would imagine.

I proposed to make 10 quilts in two weeks!

I had many unfinished quilts, quilt blocks that I had received from random friends, and projects that had for some reason not come to fruition, and it became my imperative to finish them all now, because God knows it’s best to have finished quilts that can be used for gifts or to enter contests in a pinch.

So here they are!

 This one is a the result of a Mystery Quilt project where I made a mistake, because I used different sewing machines to make the different blocks. This made the quarter inch seam allowance slightly different throughout, which created a misalignment of seams and thus the loss of some of the points. But if nobody knows this, it’s OK!

I have already blogged about this one, made from a friend’s castoff machine embroidery squares.

This one is made out of these great cat squares I just had on hand – great for cat lovers!

This jazzy batik number was one I’d made for a fabric sales rep friend who needed a few sample quilt tops to take around on her sales calls. She was nice enough to return the top when she was finished with that line. I like how it turned out once I put extra borders and backing on it.

This is a cute, possibly child’s quilt showcasing woodland animals. I had bought the fabric remnant many moons ago because I thought they were sweet (I buy fabric because I like it, not necessarily because I need it for something specific) and they were great for making a small quick quilt.

I had a bunch of four-patch blocks that helped make this nice, mellow, vintage looking lap quilt.

This Christmas-themed quilt (the second one of the bunch) turned out larger than I thought. I had these giant red and green hexagon blocks stashed away, and since ’tis the Season upon us, I thought it would make a timely project.

This was a fun one! All these are blocks that were left over from different projects. I thought that the pale pink border tied them all together quite nicely.

I had begun this lovely hexie one ages ago – it was mostly finished save for a few last touches. 100% handstitching makes this quilt an extra special one, not to mention the cheerful springtime theme it conveys.

This fun number consists of four giant “found” squares. Each by themselves might have made an interesting central element to any quilt, but together they are a dynamic punch of fun.

This sweet little blue and white one would be more apt as a wall hanging or table top. These are also leftover blocks that go remarkably well together thanks to the similar hues and patterns. If it had turned out larger, it would have made a great “man” quilt.

And last but not least, we come to this great pillow, made out of one odd block.

All in all, it was a fun little side project, and it was very helpful in taking my mind off the grueling task of finishing the children’s clothes quilt.

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