Quilts at Arrowhead Gallery and Studio

I – or at least my quilts are – participating in a quilting open house show at the AGS (Arrowhead Gallery and Studio) gallery in Old Fort this weekend. This opportunity came up for me all of a sudden, thanks to contacts my guild has with the Old Fort Chamber of Commerce, which is trying to promote local buying during the Christmas have pledged to stay open so that they, as well as the local carollers and other holiday activities, can provide an attractive environment to potential shoppers.  
quilt for sale

  The organizers heard several people voice their interests in having quilts be offered for sale.  “We do have some of the painted quilt trail paintings but no members of the gallery who make quilts.  Anyway, we thought we would offer quilts this weekend during the open houses from 1 – 8 both Fri. and Sat.” said Marilyn Minchey, member of the AGS, who spearheaded the effort. She signed up Nancy, Barb Wall and the rest of us as Black Mtn. Quilters and our work will be there on display this Friday and Saturday, at 78 Catawba Ave, Old Fort, NC 28762. We are very grateful to Marilyn for all she’s done to make this a reality.

one of my quilts for sale

  We’re having our quilts displayed in one of our studios as a Quilt Room. Three tables and at least one quilt rack will display our handiwork.

one of my quilts

  “I have no idea how successful this weekend will be” says Marilyn  “We’ve had some very successful open houses and then there have been a few where lots came, ate and drank, but kept their wallets tightly shut.  However, except for time, there’s nothing to lose so it’s worth a try.”

one of mine

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