Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle!

I miss the good ole’ days when men used to go to work wearing suits and ties, don’t you? Perhaps that’s why I like the TV series Mad Men so much. Men do look quite sexy all dressed up!

I love men’s ties. I used to enjoy picking out ties for my husband, either as gifts, or as part of his daily outfits. Ties are colorful, usually soft to the touch, and with great designs. Ties also greatly simplified the difficult task of gift-giving for males. But now… they have mostly fallen into the realm of relics of the past, much like spats, bowler hats and walking sticks.

Which is why I decided one day to raid my husband’s closet and “steal” some of his seldom used ties, to make a quilt. I’ve long admired the silky texture of these mini works of art, not to mention their wonderful images, colors, and designs. Some are whimsical, some are more sensible; some are plain, some are busy; but they’re all fun and fabulous!

Once I picked the ones I wanted, I took them apart, removed the lining, and ironed out the creases. I ended up with pieces that were much wider than I expected–a good thing–so I was able to utilize most of the resulting fabric. I then cut out squares of different sizes as permitted by the original design, taking care not to destroy the center motif where applicable, and then I took the skinnier pieces and cut strips to go around some of the squares, so as to make them all uniform in size.

I then added stabilizer to each piece, silk being difficult t work with, arranged the blocks in a somewhat “log cabin-ish” way, and voila!

I showed my husband the finished top, and he graciously accepted to pose with it.

So, if you want something fun and easy to make, without spending any money, why not raid your husband’s closet too? By the way, I also found a bunch of old shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore, either because they’re frayed around the edges, or he just simply got too skinny to wear (yay!). So guess what my next project will be….

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