Repurposing Various Things

My Quilt Palace

As shown in my previous post, I acquired and am re-purposing a long-neglected camper, to use for my nefarious quilt ambitions. 
Since images are more eloquent than words, I just thought I’d share a few images of what the process of preparing it has entailed. 
First, it has entailed stripping the bad boy down to the shell:
a lot of trash was produced
all the old fixtures had to go
we chose to break everything down, including the insulation, to put new insulation in. This was both because the old insulation was worn out, possibly buggy, and because it was of mediocre quality.
Another view of the carnage
The next step is picking out the right insulation, wall and ceiling material, and flooring. Though I am sorry to not leave more camper-like features in it (i.e., the kitchenette, furnishings, and bathroom) the fact is I need all the room I can get for my quilting needs. I am leaving the wheels on it though, so I can always take it out on the road if I want to, rigging up some sort of bed inside, and using outside bathroom facilities where available and eating out. One makes do.

Repurposing A Quilt Top

My contact in Madison County and I recently met at the wonderful Well – Bred Bakery in Weaverville to discuss a new project, and also to receive from her a massive supply of discarded fabric, half-finished projects, and all the ephemera of decades of quilting projects that her mother had at one point undertaken. 
She has been a wonderful resource, as her mom was an avid sewer (sewist?) and thus had started or collected several quilt tops that unfortunately never got finished.
This is where I come in. As is my wont, I used my quilting talents to fix a random top that she found in the attic of the home she is repurposing (do we sense a theme here?). She did not remember where the quilt had come from, but we suspect it couldn’t have been one her mom had made, because this particular 70s vintage cotton quilt top had some serious structural issues.
Sample of block after top was taken apart and re-pieced

The blocks were constructed using a foundation piecing technique, but they were put together haphazardly, so none of the points matched, and there were no straight edges. At the end of the day I opted to tear the whole thing apart.

I had to square the blocks because they were not matching, then I joined them again.
Finished blocks joined prior to attaching border and quilting
After that I reattached the original prairie points border, but in a more harmonious way.
Finished top with border prior to quilting

And here are additional images of this quilt! I think it came out really nice. We were both quite happy with the results.

Finished and quilted!
Here I am with my new “rescue”

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