Riley Blake Challenge

I just finished this darling black and white quilt with fabric that the Riley Blake Company sent me so as to create a quilt for the Spring 2016 Riley Blake Designs Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Challenge. This particular bit of sashing stash fabric was designed by Eleanor Dugan. Though the winner does get a prize, I am just doing it for the glory.

In any event, here it is:

This very monochromatic quilt uses most of the fabric they sent, which was about one half yard. I will be very interested to find out what sorts of quilts others come up with, for instance, to see how many people chose to stay black and white and how many decided to incorporate color. I certainly do not remember ever making a black and white quilt before!

In any event, if anyone wants to participate, the deadline for submissions is April 30, 2016. More info can be found here:

Update: I decided to add a bit of color to this quilt after all, so I ordered a bundle of nickels also from Riley Blake, from which I obtained the petals for a flower that I decided to incorporate in the middle. Here is the updated version.

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