Round Robin

A group of us audacious quilting gals get together every month to share tips, materials, and in general shoot the breeze.. One day we decided to collaborate on a project that would allow us all to work on one quilt. In this Round Robin approach to quilting, each person would make up a quilt block and then pass it around for another person to put a border around it, according to certain specifications. We got busy quilting one border per month for 6 months.

These are the photos of one of my “works in progress.”
The first go around was a particularly difficult pattern for me because I’d never tried it before. My husband Kurt helped me with the math – which was pretty intense! Think architecture on fabric, then imagine what that math might look like.
 The project was fun, as well as educational. In the end, everyone worked on an entire quilt, but ended up placing their personal signature on everybody else’s quilt. Hence, these quilts probably look at least somewhat different from what our normal quilting styles look.
The finished quilt that I received after everybody had put the respective borders around it is seen here – all of us proudly holding it up. One day I may share the other quilts that came out of this process.
Would you ever consider undertaking a project like this?

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