Seattle Seahawks Quilt

It’s been a while since my last post, for which I apologize.
I’ve been busy these past few months, traveling, sewing, recovering from knee surgery, and trying to decide what to do about my “quilting palace,” since I found out that I cannot keep it in its current location and it must be moved. This threw me for a loop, and for a while I was at a loss, having suddenly lost my sewing space, as well as my will to continue sewing. Luckily, that mindset didn’t last long. So presently, I’m back in the house in temporary sewing quarters.
Here is my latest project which I just finished:


It is a Seattle Seahawks quilt I made for my brother-in-law, who is a fan. During my last visit to my husband’s family in Tacoma, WA, he asked me several times if I would make him a Seahawks quilt. I blew him off every time. But I knew even then that I’d make him that quilt. So the next time my husband went to Seattle, I had him get me some themed fabric.

The quilt, I am happy to say, came out very sporty-looking. The color scheme helped, as did the pattern I chose. The logo itself is a very attractive, stylized form. It mirrors the aesthetic sensibility and style of the Snohomish tribes’ drawings of orca whales and other animals. This one evidently represents the sea hawk, a type of bird of prey found in that area of the world.

Well, the quilt has now been delivered, and received with much elation, emotion, gratitude, etc. It’s always very gratifying to see how much joy one can bring to someone by doing something that is so enjoyable to make!


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  1. That quilt is beautiful! The green and cream work together so well and really pop the black and white. Good job!

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