Selvage Quilt and AQS Quilt Show

Hi everyone! First, I wanted to share the finished product that I blogged about last week. It is a selvage quilt, as I had mentioned, which means I constructed it out of the remains of the fabric roll  you buy at the store.
The design was very much defined by the materials. I used the diagonal lines so as to take advantage of the unusual shape of the lines. The block in the middle really highlights what these snips of fabric look like.
The funny thing is, I saw this building across from the Charlotte NC Convention Center, and thought it would make a great modern quilt pattern. This is what happens when you’re a quilter, you see patterns everywhere!  But in the end, I notice that this quilt has many of those lines and shapes to it! I promise I didn’t plan it out that way; it just happened.
entrance to the Convention Center
The reason I was in Charlotte  was to attend the AQS Quilt Show in Charlotte NC last Thursday. It was fab! There’s nothing like getting together with like-minded individuals to discuss a craft and see amazing work.
Particularly inspiring were the winners. People come up with the most amazing things!
This fabulous boat is the Best in Show winner, which was fantastic! I had to take that picture because I was utterly impressed by the use of color and fabric. It’s called Chihuli’s Boat. Wonderful!
Have a wonderful week, and stay in touch!

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