Snowed in!

I sit at my sewing machine looking out the window where I see snow coming down in earnest, and the blanket of whiteness becomes thicker and thicker, and I think to myself, “great! Now I can stay home without guilt and sew to my heart’s content.” So this is exactly what I’ve done for the last three days straight. What bliss! It has definitely been a productive three days. Luckily the power has stayed on–a good thing since I don’t own a treadle machine–so all systems are working.

This greeted me Friday morning
I thought it would be a good idea to capture the action, so I shot this video Friday morning:
Snow falling
Here are my chickens in the basement weathering the storm:
Not happy campers!
And here are the blocks I’ve been working on–adding embroidery to the crazy quilt blocks:

I have 238 blocks to finish by the end of January, and I figured if I do 12 blocks a day from this point on, I’ll meet my deadline.

After that come the embellishments, beads, trim, etc., then joining the blocks together. I want to give myself plenty of time, since the deadline for delivering the quilt is April 1st.

So, let it snow!

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