Some other projects I have fixed – Green Quilt

As I had mentioned in a previous blogpost, I end up doing many projects for other people. People must think I have a knack for fixing things, especially when others don’t care for the projects. Maybe something in my character does not allow me to give up on things that others give up on so readily – or possibly I like bringing things that others have already begun to fruition. THough unfortunately I can’t locate the source or link right now, I know that in the past I have come across businessy type books that describe productivity styles. There’s a whole field of study on productivity that holds that individuals generally prefer to either be the starters of a project, or developers of a project, or the ones that conclude/put the final touches on a project. A good business is one where a natural balance between starters, developers, and concluders coexist. Either way, I will be sharing some examples of works I have finished along these lines. 
This is, to put it  bluntly, an ugly green quilt that nobody liked. Our charity work depends on the receipt and completion of numerous quilts which we then fix up or make whole cloth to give to needy people or to those in hospice or elderly folks’ homes.  The nature of the task means we don’t discriminate against quilts, even if they may seem somewhat homely, like the poor little green quilt above.
Somebody donated the fabric to the Cotton Boll Quilt guild that I used to belong to in Covington, GA. Many people gave up on the fabric because something about this particular hue of half green half chartreuse seemed particularly ‘pukey’, though I think it is a dear little quilt precisely because, like Rodney Dangerfield, it got “no respect!” Still – after all was said and done, I think it came out pretty nice! Especially good to someone who otherwise could not have a nice handmade quilt. 

Next week I will share another quilt.

Do you prefer to start things but not finish them, or are you more like me, preferring to finish things others have started? Or do you sort of prefer to develop things others have started that others will finish? Or are you that rare soul that loves to start and finish a thing before even beginning another? Would love to hear about it in the comments section!

In general, if you stop by this blog, I would love to hear in the comments section what you think! Doing this is much more encouraging when one feels an audience lurking somewhere. If not, I may one day be tempted to let the blogging effort go by the wayside.

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