Springtime and Butterfly Quilt

Springtime is most definitely upon us! It has truly been here for a while, but the general cacophony of birds, the lovely fragrance of flowers, and the generally pleasant, sunny days leave no doubt in everyone’s minds.

Likewise, all the chickens, including the newcomers who we collected a month or so ago, are in full growth mode. Aside from random sad events, the backyard brood of chickens is doing very well!

Likewise, all the insects, unfortunately, have decided that the time has come to emerge and pester everyone with their presence. Among these, of course, are the lovely butterflies which we see hovering from flower to flower in our garden. Here’s one calla lily in full bloom!

In any event, I wanted to wax lyrical on the springtime today by showing this very springlike quilt that I volunteered to put together for a woman who had noticed these butterfly squares that I’d had sitting in a bag for a while. She simply requested that I put them into a quilt strung together with sashing and cornerstones to united the composition, as it were. The quilt was then donated to the quilt guild’s charity program.

I think it’s a lovely quilt, and am glad that someone somewhere is getting good use for it.

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