Stabilizing tricky fabric

There are several methods for stabilizing specialty, unwieldy, or particularly thin fabric such as silk, wool, knits, etc., when trying to control it into a quilt block.

While working on my necktie quilt project I’ve used several of these methods, but there comes a time when one runs out of the needed stabilizer at the worse possible moment. Usually there is no way to go out and fetch some right at that moment, because I usually work well into the night and don’t want to stop just then. So, one must improvise.

When faced with such a conundrum, I decided to use the interfacing that comes inside the neckties, and attached pieces of it to the silk fabric I was working with. I used fusible web (Pellon Wonder-Under), a substance that becomes sticky by applying heat to it. It comes in a roll or in sheets, and it has paper backing that is removed once the substance is adhered to the back of the fabric; the fabric then can be attached (glued) onto another piece of fabric by applying heat to it once again (iron).

Here are some pictures of the process in the making. I must say that necessity makes one quite creative! 

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