Wow Bernina!

I’ve recently acquired an “antique” Bernina. It is a model 830, built in Switzerland, so it’s the “real thing!” It is sturdily built, and it has a metal casing. It is a beaut.

The old 830

A friend had it and never used it, didn’t even know if it worked, but it was supposed to have a problem with skipped stitches (never verified). I recently gave it a test drive and found no problems or issues with it. It sewed like butter!

I’m very glad I got it, not because I need a new sewing machine–I don’t!–but because I wanted to own a truly quality machine, one that would be the workhorse that it’s been built to be, one that could be my backup if my spiffier 530 model (seen here)

The spiffy 530

which I love, ever goes down, or is out for maintenance, or just plain doesn’t work. Computerized machines are a lot more susceptible to glitches and problems, they are much more delicate and “prissy.” True, my computerized friend has a ton of bells & whistles, it sews like a dream, has umpteen different stitches–which I hardly ever use–many different settings, etc. etc. I do love it. But I think the old “Bernie” will work just fine as well, and I can’t wait to set it up in my studio and start sewing in it regularly.

Now all I need are a few accessories for, so I’m on the hunt for a slide table and a few feet, also some bobbins.