The Healing Quilt

It’s been said that quilts have powers. Some are said to bring good luck to people, some herald the happy union of two people in marriage; some have ties to historical events, and some are even considered complicit in the propagation of myth and false history. Whatever the characterization, quilts are some of the most popular means of reaching out to those who are in need of warmth (physical and emotional), consolation, or healing, not to mention being great gifts. We give quilts to newborn babies, we give quilts to soldiers (i.e., Quilts of Valor), we give quilts to cancer patients, we give quilts to victims of neglect or abuse, we give quilts to mark special occasions, and we give quilts to express our love.

Me, recovering after surgery

I recently had a small bit of surgery, which had me prostrate for a few days. One of the “bees” of which I am currently a member, circulates a quilt among those bee members who have some sort of health issue; the recipient uses the quilt to cover herself while recovering from whatever ailment or intervention she may be undergoing.

Made by members of Black Mountain Quilt Bee

This quilt is given on loan for as long as it takes that person to get well, and then it is passed to the next person who needs it. I don’t know if the quilt has real healing powers, but I have to say that my recovery was quite speedy and painless. I took naps under that quilt every day after returning from the clinic. It may be that we are influenced–positively–by the spirit in which these gifts are given. The mind is a powerful thing. And I suspect that if we feel there is a connection with those who care enough to embrace us with such warmth, then we are sure to thrive in the knowledge that we are not alone in our pain.

All healed. Quilt ready for next “assignment”

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