The Thankful Quilt

Today I woke up thinking that sometimes we take things for granted and focus too much on the negative, when really there is much to be thankful for. This is not a quilting post per se, but I think it could serve as inspiration for a quilt.

  • I am grateful for the best husband ever!
  • For my wonderful kids (and their spouses!)
  • For good friends
  • For good health
  • For my faith
  • For a warm bed
  • For a hot shower
  • For my truck
  • For songbirds outside my window
  • For bright sunny days
  • For my morning coffee
  • For trees
  • For the companionship of cats 
  • For my cozy home
  • For electricity
  • For running water
  • For the ability to express myself without fear
  • For my Linux system and laptop (and for the teachings of my son)
  • For technology
  • For my books–and the ability to read
  • my fabric stash–and for knowing how to quilt
  • For a sense of humor
Hubby Kurt
Son Arturo

I would name this quilt: “What I Am Grateful For,” or “The Grateful Quilt.” Perhaps folks out there can provide ideas about converting some of these thoughts into patterns or blocks that could be put together to express it. How about it?

Daughter Alicia

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