Travel New Hampshire Project

I am on the road again – this time on my way to merry old Boston for a lovely mid Spring tour of the North East!

Travelling is always a joyous occasion, but I do find that, in spite of everything, I suffer withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have anything to do sewing-wise!

The above quilt I show here is an example of that.

I was on a trip north, to New Hampshire, with no supplies whatsoever, when the urge befell me to quilt. Here I was, no thread, no machine, etc.

From Keepsake Quilting site: in Center Harbor, NH

Well, we found ourselves near a pretty famous little shop called Keepsake Quilting, and it just so happened that Keepsake Quilters was having its big tent sale annual sale!!!  Whoa, that was amazing! So I went in there and had a ball collecting cool fabric, and taking in all the ideas. It was great fun to see this shop. As an avid quilter, I appreciate any chance to see what others, especially in regions far from where I live, are doing with this art/craftwork. It couldn’t have worked out better if I’d planned it.  I had to buy some fabric for the long ten day trip and decided that the easiest project for being on the road was a hexagon and diamond-shapes inspired English paper piecing process.

Since for the English paper piecing I didn’t have templates, I started going to libraries and taking inserts from magazines and books. I started collecting a couple of magazines from the used bin, found a template online, then traced and cut out template, printed off the internet diamonds and hexagons, then mad a bunch through tracing the hex on fabric for a paper piecing method, all in the old fashioned  hand work way. It takes a while to get them all prepped, but it really is the perfect portable project! It is something I can do while in the car – we’d be zipping down the freeway and I’d be piecing.

final result is not quite there yet but is looking like:

What I most like about this quilt – aside from what it is looking like – is how the need for this quilt grew from necessity – while at the same time the opportunity was there via the nice quilt show and the sale fabric to create it. It was almost as if the Universe had provided me with a chance to create it. 

As well, the opportunity to explore ingenuity via the process of coming up with a template by hand and making do with magazines really made my imagination fly. In general, I have enjoyed working on this quilt very much!

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  1. I do like your colors for this. I love hexagon quilts myself and have 3 unfinished projects in different sizes. =) Keepsake Quilting is amazing, and how fortunate to be there during a tent sale. I've never quite managed that myself. =)

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