Under the Influence…

I have recently discovered my style. Yes, after many years of trying to follow everyone else’s conventional wisdom for making quilts–and feeling totally inadequate at it–I finally found my “groove” after seeing the modern designs of my new quilting hero, Tula Pink. She really embodies my true spirit, which is a FREE spirit.
I’ve always been attracted to working with scraps, to making “fabrics” from scraps, and most of all, by creating designs on the fly. In fact, I’d much rather create something from discarded bits and pieces than cutting pristine yardage off the bolt. In fact, I’m quite intimidated by pristine pieces of fabric!
More and more I have felt challenged by feeling that to be a true quilter one needs to follow specific patterns, detailed instructions for cutting, piecing, etc., tasks that turn me off, but at the same time used to make me feel guilty for feeling that way.
I now feel validated realizing that what I like to do, how I like to work with fabric is not crazy, and there are actual designers out there who subscribe to this “fly off the seat of one’s pants” style. Yay!

My interpretation of Log Cabin
front & back

So now that I know myself better as a quilter, I expect to be more productive, less afraid of doing what I like, and more willing to show off my stuff.

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