Update on Barn Quilt Block

I wanted to update on the barn quilt project my daughter is making for a friend and fellow member of the Asheville Quilt Guild, who commissioned a 2×2 quilt barn from her, after seeing what a nice job she did on the one she did for my house.

My barn quilt! a Carolina Lily for Rhododendron Ave

At first choosing a design was a bit of a challenge, simply because there are so many to choose from! In addition, my friend did not specify what design she preferred, though I recommended going for a pattern based on a star.

We finally decided that an inverted star pattern that we got from Jessica Boschen’s great website: http://commonthreads.typepad.com/

Choosing the design ended up being half the battle. The rest of it was actually choosing the colors.

She ended up drawing a few samples of the pattern, and trying out different color schemes. I gave insight and opinions as needed or requested, though for the most part I left it all in her capable hands. The most I had to contribute, of course, were issues in regards to quilter conventions and ideas of scalability and contrast.

Interestingly enough, picking an appropriate pattern was difficult until we edited the template a bit to account for the fact that the quilt block is supposed to be on point. Then, a proper scheme emerged.
Here are some images of what it takes to come up with a scheme:

Here are some photos that show the process as it unfolds, after the colors were chosen:

Can’t wait to see the finished result!

By the way, I am putting a shameless plug for my daughter’s burgeoning barn quilt block painting enterprise! She is incredibly talented and precise, carefully mixing artistic insight and mathematical attention to detail. Also, while others limit the color range to 6 common colors or less, she is unafraid (and does not charge extra) to use her art school talents to create a one of a kind barn quilt.

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