Welcoming a New Grandson

I have had to take a week off, much to my regret, from this blogging effort – business obligations as well as another sudden bout with fever and flu have kept me from posting. Still, I am pretty glad that I have managed to, for 28 weeks, consistently keep a blog, at around the same time, without a hiccup until now. That’s a greater part of a year! So, instead of being sorry about the setback, I will choose to be happy about my long-running streak.

Today I want to show folks a quilt I’ve almost finished, meant as a gift for my new grandson, Andre, who hails from the Ukraine, just as his older sister did.

I am not sure how much I have shared on here about recent development in my son’s family – not much more than a year ago, Arturo and Jennifer decided to act on a long-cherished desire to adopt children from Eastern Europe, and Shanti came into our lives. She is an absolutely delightful young lady who has brought us all much joy.

Just recently, they set out again to round out their family unit after being introduced to Andre. After many misadventures and setbacks, they return today from Kiev, bringing with them this new member of the tribe. They are in fact returning home to Cincinnatti as I write this! I can’t wait to meet him, and hope to do so before long: I will have a chance to meet him in February.

When Shanti joined the family, I quickly set about making her a welcome quilt, based on a design I got from a magazine. The pink and orange color scheme was one I have never used, but it was chosen because these happy hues mirrored those found in her bedroom.

So now I am working on one for Andre – I improvised the design as I went along, allowing myself to be guided by the emerging geometry. It ended up nicely symmetrical, save for one or two small flaws that nobody save I and my husband notice! The backing, as well as some of the blue pattern pieces, show sports figures, which are appropriate to Andre’s avid interest in sports.

At this stage all I have to do is finish the binding and trim some loose threads.

I feel very fortunate both to have such a wonderful family, through my son, and to have an opportunity to show my caring and welcoming for these children through my craft. The nice thing about a quilt is that in itself it is very cozy and welcoming, as well as (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing. As well, they have the potential to last a very long time – other loved ones have some of the earliest quilts I made, a good 15 years ago.

I wish Andre a very good time!

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