Work in Progress: Selvage Quilt

Hi friends! I wanted to share a current project of mine: a selvage quilt. For those unfamiliar with the concept, I hope to introduce fellow quilters to a fun, eclectic way to reuse waste, save on fabric, and push thriftiness to the edge.
The selvage is the strip that goes on the edge of the yard of fabric, and it usually contains the name of the designer and/or producer, the colors used, and other bits of information such as the date of production, batch numbers, etc. Just like in product packaging, these bits of information are used in part to demo how the colours will show up once printed.

For an ‘official’ definition of selvage, one can visit Wikipedia here. Though many quilters have encountered this piece of fabric countless times, how many have used them as a basis for constructing a quilt? Common wisdom suggests that these pieces must be discarded before starting any sewing project, but being the rebel that I am, I don’t usually. For some time I’ve been saving these pieces of usually discarded bits of fabric, because I found them interesting enough to do something with them.

I’m using a “quilt-as-you-go” method, which is something like a jigsaw puzzle approach to quilting – you finish many squares (giving you essentially a handful of mini-quilts) and, once you have a group, you join them together into a large quilt. 

One fun tutorial (there are heaps!) can be found here.This technique is fun, and so much easier when space is at a premium, or when the gymnastics of negotiating giant pieces of fabric and batting around a sewing machine is problematic. 

Here are 26 Quilt As You Go tutorials as well. As you can see, much can be done with the technique.
I haven’t finished the project yet, but folks should stay tuned for final result. I actually did make a selvage quilt a few years ago and I thought it came out nice! Other people must have thought so as well, because it sold right away.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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